The adventure doesn’t end when you leave Wild Animal Safari™. Now, you can catch up with your favorite animal residents thanks to ZOOTUBE. From Strafford, MO, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the park. Join members of the Animal Care Team for a LIVE look at our safari world. We will announce when we are hosting animal vlogs, so be sure to tune in to see your favorite animals and learn more about them.

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Animal Broadcasts

Join members of the Zookeeper Team for a behind-the-scenes peek of our zoo world. Here are a few of our latest animal broadcasts.


Wild Animal Safari Animation


Wild Animal Weekend- Gypsy the camel!

Wild Animal Weekend- our giraffes!
Here are our Giraffes Blossom and Tumbleweed!

Wild Animal Wednesday- Liger
Say hello to Shakira! She's our beautiful Liger at Wild Animal Safari.

Wild Animal Safari- Arctic Fox

Wild Animal Safari- Season Passes
Did you know that we have season passes available? Grab yours today to visit the park anytime you want!

Feed The Fish! - Wild Animal Safari
Feed the fish and grab a snack at Wild Animal Safari!

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