10 Pot Belly Pig Facts

Potbelly pigs are undeniably cute and interesting, but exactly how much do you know about them? Most people have seen them but really don’t know a lot about these interesting guys. There are also plenty of misconceptions about them as well. Today we’re going to talk about some fun facts you’ll want to know before you visit and see a potbelly pig face to face!

  1. Potbelly pigs came from Southeast Asia in the ’80s and were imported to the United States as pets. They are still popular pets, even though many people underestimate their full-grown size.
  2. Like all pigs, potbellied pigs have sensitive skin and they will get sunburned just like we do!
  3. Potbellied pigs are smart and are very trainable. They can be taught to do tricks and respond to commands, just like dogs!
  4. They use their noses for more than just smelling. Their snouts are strong and they use them to push things around, forage and root in the dirt.
  5. Potbellied pigs grow much larger than people often realize. A potbellied pig can grow to be between 80 and 180 or so pounds.
  6. Potbellied pigs are friendly and social animals. They enjoy being in the company of other pigs and people. They also get lonely without the stimulation of friends and family.
  7. Their eyesight is pretty bad, but they have a great sense of smell and have exceptional hearing.
  8. Potbellied pigs can get overweight and if this happens it can actually cause “mechanical blindness”. This is where rolls of fat obscure their eyesight, but it can be reversed with diet and exercise.
  9. Potbellied pigs are surprisingly quick and enjoy running. They can also swim in shallow water.
  10. They only sweat a little bit on their nose, and nowhere else. For this reason, they stick to the shade and enjoy cooling off in the mud. Mud also protects their skin, so it’s a win-win!

Many people keep pot-bellied pigs as pets, but it can be difficult to do so because they do need plenty of room, attention and they do better when they live with other potbellies. They also grow much larger than many people think, which unfortunately leads to a lot of potbellies being surrendered to sanctuaries. So while they are friendly, it might be best to simply say hi on your next visit to Wild Animal Safari.


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