Now is your chance to catch up with all of your animal friends in Wild Animal Safari™. The ZOOTUBE in Pine Mountain, GA, allows you to meet with the stars of our park from the comfort of your home. Join members of the Animal Care Team for a LIVE, behind-the-scenes look at our zoo safari world. Broadcasts will be announced in the future, so be sure to tune in to see your favorite animals and learn about the world we all share.

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Animal Broadcasts

Join members of the Zookeeper Team for a behind-the-scenes peek of our zoo world. Here are a few of our latest animal broadcasts.


Ride on the wild side- coatimundis!
Say hello to Blake and Katie, who show you our adorable Coatimundis at Wild Animal Safari. Aren't they the cutest?

Wild Animal Weekend - National Snake Day
Say hello to our Red Tail Boa, Sanchez! Join us in celebrating National Snake Day to bring more awareness about snakes and how they help to balance our environment.

Wild Animal Weekend - Sulcata Tortoise
Meet our Sulcata Tortoise, Shelby! You can see the rest of our Tortoises at our walkabout section of the park.

Wild Animal Weekend - Bison
We have one of the largest herds of Bison here at Wild Animal Safari! Come see them for yourself, up-close at our drive-thru.

WAW - Meet Our Baby Goats!
Say hello to our new baby pygmy goats!

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Contact us if you'd like more information about our park hours or if you have any questions about tour availability. Our animal safari park is located in Pine Mountain, GA.