It’s Season Pass Time!

If saving money and spending more time with your family were on your list of resolutions, you’ll definitely want to get a season pass! Not only is our season pass a great value, it is the easiest and most affordable way to enjoy the park with your family throughout the year.

Now is the time to buy your season pass to maximize the value, giving you time to plan multiple trips throughout the year. But, if you’re still on the fence, we have four reasons why now is the best time to leap with a season pass to Wild Animal Safari.

1. Amazing experiences for all ages: It can be hard to find activities for every member of the family. If you have kids of varying ages and abilities, this can be even more of a challenge. Our animal park, however, is the exception. Everyone can enjoy a trip through the park, from the youngest to the oldest member of your family. And since there are drive-thru and walk-through areas, everyone can view the animals in a way that works best for them. You can even let someone else do the driving by taking a tour.

2. Truly affordable family outing: Every dollar counts, especially right now. This makes a season pass even more valuable. In fact, when you compare your season pass against the cost of other family experiences, you’ll see exactly how affordable it is. A season pass quickly pays for itself in just a couple of visits. And the sooner in the year you buy it, the more value it brings to you.

3. Fun and educational trips all year long: Spring break, summer break, and long weekends…it can be difficult to find things that are both fun and educational. Our park is the exception because a single trip will give your children access to exotic animals from around the globe. They can learn all about the species they see, the parts of the world they come from and the work it takes to care for animals. You can even enhance the learning experience by taking a guided tour with our knowledgeable guides.

4. Exotic, amazing, and cute animals: Featuring 65 different species, just one trip through is a personal safari that gives you many opportunities to create lifelong memories. You will be able to see animals you have only read about online as well as some beloved favorites like giraffes, tigers, lemurs, and exotic birds. This gives your entire family a unique opportunity to appreciate wild and exotic animals without a passport.

As you can see, a season pass is a passport for adventure that you can take advantage of all year long.

Learn more about the park, the animals, and buy your season pass today!

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