Wild Animal Safari­™ is your destination for family fun and adventure. When you visit the park, you will come face-to-face with some of the animal kingdom's most majestic creatures. Before making the trip here, we highly recommend viewing our animal park information. In Pine Mountain, GA, our park has many things to see and do--therefore, we have provided some resources to make planning easier.

Lioness Closeup

About the Park

The park is specially designed to allow an enjoyable safari experience from the comfort of a vehicle. The main attraction, the drive-thru park, is a 3.5-mile trail. There are no cages—the animals roam freely and may even approach your group.

The park is 300 acres and is home to 75 animal species. Many visitors have a blast meeting our animal friends, and their experiences are full of laughter. Our animal park provides a fun time for visitors of all ages.


1300 Oak Grove Rd
Pine Mountain, GA 31822
Telephone: (706) 663-8744

Wild Animal Safari Park Policies & Safety Rules

Welcome to our Wild Animal Safari. We want our guests to have a fantastic experience. For your safety and enjoyment, please carefully read these Park Policies & Safety Rules, along with all other park policies and Code of Conduct “Rules.” Failure to follow these rules may result in immediate ejection from the Safari without refund (and, if appropriate in the Safari’s discretion, such person(s) may also face a lifetime ban from all of our Safari’s).

Disclaimer of Liability. By entering our Wild Animal Safari, with natural surroundings, manmade structures, and the presence of wild animals, you understand that there are risks involved of injury and even death. Therefore, GUESTS ASSUME ALL RISKS (to the extent permitted by applicable law), and Safari disclaims all liability for any incident, accident, injury, or death, howsoever caused, including without limitation for any trip, slip, fall, collision, animal bite, kick, or other animal contact or threat thereof. Parent/guardians are responsible for the minors and assume all risks on behalf of the minors in their charge.

Black and White Wolves

Wild Animal Safari Park Information

If you have any questions about our park policies, we are happy to answer them. Contact us if you need information that isn’t listed on the animal park resources page.

Thank you for observing our rules and code of conduct while at our safari parks. Your cooperation ensures fun and enriching experience for all. Please contact us if you require any clarifications on the rules.