The Aggieland Wild Animal Safari™ allows you to get closer to nature. Our more than 250-acre park is the ideal place to meet new animal friends while spending quality time with loved ones. The safari park is packed with scenic views, dozens of animal species, almost 700 wild animals, and fantastic, knowledgeable Zookeepers. As if that weren’t enough, we also have many activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy! See what’s waiting for you at “The Serengeti of the South.”

2022 Animal Encounters - Begin 4-15-2022

Animal Encounters are exclusive experiences that allow you to interact with some of the park’s most popular animals and ask questions from our Zookeepers. The Wild Animal Safari™ conservation team and education staff can’t wait to meet you! Animal Encounters vary by SEASON and will be offered based on animal availability. Please note that all animal encounters are booked at least 3 days in advance. Dates and times are subject to availability, but we will do our best to accommodate your requests. 

Pricing for this attraction does not include admission to the park.


Spend some time in the rainforest with our Southern Tamanduas, Pinky and The Brain! This encounter includes 20 minutes of guided personal interaction, feeding, and enrichment activities inside their enclosure.

Encounter Size Limit: Max 6 People per Encounter Time
Other Info: Closed-Toed Shoes and Long Pants Required

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Large Turtle


Slither into the herpetology world and meet our family of reptiles and amphibians! Participants will assist our Reptile Keepers in routine care duties, take a tour of our off-exhibit Reptile Hallway, and interact with various species.

Encounter Size Limit: Max 6 People per Encounter Time

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Contact us to learn more about our attractions. Wild Animal Safari™ of Aggieland is located near Bryan, TX.