4 reasons to give Wild Animal gift cards

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here and that means lots of great food, beautiful decor and just a bit of stress as you search for gifts for everyone on your list. The good news is that you have a bit of time between you and Christmas, and you don’t have to search too hard for the perfect gift! This year, why not give the gift of a visit to Wild Animal Safari!

Read on to learn the top four reasons you should give a safari gift this year:


Works for all ages: Buying family gifts can be a good way to manage your holiday budget, but shopping for people of different ages can be hard. There also aren’t many places that work for everybody in the family, regardless of age. Fortunately, that’s not a problem with Wild Animal Safari! Everyone loves animals and they can see a large range of them during every visit, from big cats, monkeys, bison, reptiles and much more. Also, you can drive, walk or ride through, so  there is an easy method for everyone to tour the park.


Affordable family outing: Trips with the family can add up quickly. That can limit the number of outings you make, and the number of memories you make! Giving the gift of a season pass or pack of tickets takes away the cost factor, allowing your loved ones to simply enjoy themselves. And in reality, a single pass or pack of tickets is an inexpensive family gift when compared to buying individual gifts for everyone.


Educational and fun: Do you need to buy gifts for families with children? Parents often struggle to find things to do with their family, especially during winter and summer break. It helps if the activity is engaging and fun. If it is also educational, that’s a big bonus. A trip to our park fits the bill, providing a chance to learn about exotic animals in the most fun way possible. To learn even more, you can take a guided tour and get a lot more insight into the park and the animals.


Animals from around the world: Where can you go to see monkeys, ligers, reptiles, tarantulas and other exotic animals?  A single visit to our park puts a world of animals at your feet. This gives the entire family a unique opportunity to get up close to animals they may never be able to see again, except on their next visit!


In reality, these are only a few of the many reasons everyone on your Christmas list would love to have a safari in their future. But the animals would love it as well, because your support allows us to continue to do the world we do, which benefits all of our animal friends!

From season passes to gift cards, you can give the gift of adventure to everyone on your list! Learn more about ticket and season pass options here, or just start crossing names off your list by buying some today!