6 Things you can learn on your visit

Every trip to the park is a new opportunity to learn interesting things about our animal friends. While you never know who you’ll see as you drive or walkthrough, you can count on seeing some amazing animals, from tigers and foxes to a watusi. You’ll also get an opportunity to see some less common animals, like a miniature zebu and Timber Wolf/Arctic Wolf Hybrid.

As you make your way through the park, you’re sure to learn a lot about the animals you see. Here are a few things you might notice, or be surprised about, on your next trip.

Water buffalo are huge!

Water buffalo can weigh over 1,100 pounds and they can be up to 52 inches tall at the withers. You might not realize how big they really are unless you see one up close. Meeting a water buffalo during your visit can give you a new appreciation for their sheer size and power in a way reading statistics cannot.

Animals have personalities

Many people know that their pets are full of personality, but what they might not realize is that all animals have unique personalities as well. Tigers, giraffes, lemurs, horses, and sheep are just a few of the charismatic animals you can see on your visit. Each one has moods and charms completely unique to them. 

Animals can be curious 

Many of our animal friends are as curious about you as you are about them. They will approach you to get a closer look and even smell you. This is how they learn about the world around them and it shows just how inquisitive they can be. Some of our animal friends are notoriously curious, eager to approach vehicles and get a good peek inside! 

Only males are peacocks

That’s right, the colorful birds you know and love, with the gorgeous colors and elaborate feather displays, are males. Females are officially called peahens, and they are far less colorful in comparison. You can refer to either as a peafowl. Those colorful displays by peacocks are intended to impress and attract mates. 

Spider monkeys are acrobats

Spider monkeys live in rainforests, spending a lot of time in the canopy. They forage from the treetops, primarily eating fruits. They have to be quite agile and acrobatic to navigate their way through the forests. They are also social animals, living in large groups up to 30 strong. 

Lions can be loud 

Everyone has heard a lion’s roar on TV or in the movies, but have you heard it in person? While there is no guarantee you will hear it on your visit if you do you might be surprised at how loud it can be! In fact, it can reach up to around 114 decibels and it can be heard up to five miles away!.  If you happen to hear it, you’ll never forget the experience!

Last but not least, you’ll definitely learn that animals are unpredictable! Sometimes they are sleepy and may not be very interested in having visitors. At other times, they are full of energy and highly curious about the people walking or driving by! That’s why it always pays to visit a few times so you can get the full experience, no matter what moods our animal friends may be in!

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