Plan The Ultimate Spring Break Family Outing

Spring break is just around the corner, and that means a lot of families are going to need some fun ideas for outings. Day trips provide a great alternative since long trips and air travel is a bit less accessible these days. Luckily, for those in the tri-state area, there are many fun ways to get away with the family and create a spring break to remember.

By making Wild Animal Safari your destination, you can enjoy all-ages entertainment and take advantage of some fun stops along the way. After all, the trip is half the fun, right? 

Here are a few tips to help you plan the ultimate spring break trip for the entire family.

Make your visit a full-day experience 
There is no need to rush through your time at the park, pack a lunch, and plan to spend the day or treat yourself to a meal at the cafe. You can walk through and get to know the animals in our walk-about. This is an experience you don’t want to miss because there are exotic animals in this area that can’t roam freely in the drive-thru section. Next, take a guided tour through the drive-through so you can sit back and enjoy the sites! 

Experience the park multiple ways

Make sure you plan to view the park in multiple ways to get the full Wild Animal Safari experience! There is a complete walk-about area full of amazing animals, but you’ll also want to experience the freedom of animals roaming in the drive-thru area. If you’re driving into the area for a long spring break weekend, you might want to let us do the driving for you with the guided bus tour. Please note, the bus isn’t always running so you’ll want to check the schedule.

Play games during your visit

If you have school-aged children, you can help them have a more enriching and entertaining time by playing some games. You can play animal bingo or make a passport from a map of the park and mark off every animal you see. Here are some more fun ideas on ways to elevate your children’s experience at the park. 

Enjoy nearby food and entertaining options 

Our park is a short day trip for many people in the tri-state area, so it’s a great place to spend a long weekend or spring break. While you’re here, you can take advantage of other area attractions. There are world-class eateries, museums, and entertainment options a short drive from the park. In fact, Branson, the entertainment capital of the Midwest, is under an hour away!

Travel might be a bit more restricted at the moment, but that doesn’t need to stand in the way of your family’s spring break plans. We have over 450 animals, on 350 acres just waiting to meet you, so buy your tickets, make your plans and pack your bags!

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