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One of the area's most popular attractions, Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari, offers a unique experience. Visitors can see, touch, and feed hundreds of exotic animals - a true worldwide safari!

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You can choose to take on our Wild Animal Safari from the comfort of your own vehicle, you can choose to take the complimentary bus tour that is led by an Animal Safari tour guide, or rent one of our Zebra vans.

Our Location

Wild Animal Safari is located in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Our hours of operation can vary. Be sure to check out the Park Hours page or you can call 800-367-2751 to make sure we will be open on the day of your visit.

About Wild Animal Safari - Georgia

Over 450 Animals on 300 Acres

Wild Animal Safari - Georgia

Wild Animal Safari was developed by Ron Snider, a world-renowned big game hunter. His concept was to create a place where the public could get up close and personal with the types of animals you generally never get to experience.

This large goal was started by the creation of the Turkey Creek Hunting Club in 1988, which led to the eventual purchase of enough land to create a safari-like experience. In 1990 Mr. Snider reached out to expert consultants, outfitters, and hunters. With their input, they designed the layout of the park and decided which animals would be best suited for the venture.

One of the goals in the creation of Wild Animal Safari was to have an attraction that was reasonably priced, allowing the proper care of the animals and grounds but also staying affordable to young families. Snider was especially interested in reaching 3- to 12-year-olds to help them gain a lifelong love of animals and nature.

A success from the very first year, the wild animal attraction experienced steady growth year after year. Parks! America bought the business on June 15, 2005. Since assuming ownership, we’ve upgraded the grounds, acquired new animals and worked to enhance our guests’ experience!

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