Kids of all ages love visiting Aggieland Wild Animal Safari, and what’s not to love! With hundreds of animal species to see,  great food to snack on, and even a playscape to run wild in, our park has something for everyone. Now, with the help of a few animal-themed games, you can make your trip even more fun and educational.

These games are also a great way to help keep restless children more actively engaged during your visit by giving them something to focus on. Just remember, you can adjust the games to fit your children’s age and learning style.

Animal bingo

This game can enhance your visit and help your child learn more about the animals you see.  You can print out animal pictures and glue them on a card. Give your child stickers or a marker to mark off animals they see during your visit. The one to cross out an entire row first wins! You can adapt this to older kids by using words in place of the pictures. You can even challenge the entire family by making a bingo card with the scientific name of the animals!  Of course, you can also offer a treat to the winner, like something special from the Pavillion!

Aggieland Safari scavenger hunt

Why not turn your trip into a scavenger hunt?  You can use a map of our park and encourage your kids to cross off animals as they find them. This will help them learn about animals and even a bit about reading a map! You can also go a bit more traditional with your scavenger hunt and make a list of animals and landmarks you may run into. Let everyone have a copy of the list and see who can cross the most items off. Visit our site to learn more about the types of animals and things you’ll see to help you make your scavenger hunt checklist.

Animal alphabet game

This beloved road trip game can be adapted to your visit! Simply see who can get through more of the alphabet using animals that start with each letter. And since it can be hard to find an animal for every letter, you can open it up to include additional park items, like things in the Pavillion or the Playscape! But don’t forget, there are multiple ways to view animals, from the drive-thru to the 20 acres of the walk-through zoo. This area alone has exhibits housing over 150 mammals, birds, and reptiles! So you’ll have a lot of chances to win this game if you visit each area!

Animal atlas

This is an easy and fun way to explore the park. Simply print out a world map and get some stickers. There are lots of free, printable maps online to get you started. For the stickers, you can order animal-themed versions, but simple star stickers will work as well. During your visit, put a sticker on the map where each animal you see originates from. Not only will this help make your trip more educational, but it also creates a nice keepsake of your visit. 

There you have it, four simple games to enhance your visit. If you have additional ideas please share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.


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