Wild Animal Wednesday: Fainting Goats

Need a little break today? Check out our video of our fainting goats! These adorable animals get their name from their genetic condition that causes them to faint. When startled, these goats’ genetics cause them to get very stiff and then fall over. This appears like they are “playing dead,” and it is actually their primary defense mechanism – believe it or not!

To tell the difference between fainting goats and more typical pygmy goats, well, it is not a good idea to go around scaring goats to find out which one you are seeing! Instead, take a look at the size. Pygmy goats tend to be smaller in both size and weight. Fainting goats are not much taller, but they can weigh much more than pygmy goats. To learn more about the differences between these similar goats, take a look here.

Want to see our fainting goats in person? They are located in the walkabout section of our park. While you do not want to yell “BOO!” at them, they are extremely cute and fun to pet and feed. In fact, you may take pictures of them that are so endearing, people might faint when they see them on Facebook or Instagram!