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Animal Corner — Liger

The liger is the largest cat species in the world. They occur when a male lion and a female tiger mate. Males can weigh up to 900 pounds and stand around 12 feet tall on their hind legs. Females are slightly smaller, but still large for a cat. While male ligers may be larger than […]

Animal Corner — Meet the Baby Giraffe!

This is our new baby giraffe, Blossom! Blossom is two months old, and she is already seven feet tall. At birth, she was six feet tall, so she is definitely “blossoming” quickly! When fully grown, she will be around 17 feet and weigh around 2,000 pounds. Blossom joins her fellow giraffe Sheldon right here at […]

Animal Corner–Elk

Elk are also known as wapiti. This is the Native American word for “light-colored deer.” They can live between eight to twelve years. A group of them is called a gang, and they are herbivores who mostly eat grass, foliage, and wood. Only males grow antlers. Females do not have antlers, like the one pictured […]

Animal Corner — Dromedary Camels

Dromeday camels  have only one hump. They can be found in North Africa and Western Asia. They are much more common than Bactrian camels, those with two humps. Both types are primarily found in hot climates like deserts, although some are located in colder climates. They are herbivores, so their diet mainly consists of grass, […]

Animal Corner — Zebras

Zebras are more than just “horses with stripes.” These animals are native to Africa, ranging from Kenya and Ethiopia to South Africa and Namibia. There are three types: plains, Grevy’s, and mountain. Of these three, plains zebras are the most common with six subspecies. Their coat helps keep them cool in the hot African heat, […]

Animal Corner–Preparing for Winter at Wild Animal Safari

For several of our animals, the winter season presents many challenges at the park. Some animals come from parts of the world that do not experience cold winter weather.They have not adapted to these cooler temperatures, so it is up to us to help them get through it. Here are a few of the steps […]

Animal Corner — Scottish Highlander

If you’ve driven through our park, then you may have noticed a bull with a thick, shaggy orange coat. He is our Scottish Highlander, which is a breed of cattle from Scotland that lives very close to the Arctic Circle. Their coat is so thick and strong so they can live comfortably in the very […]

Animal Corner — Red-Tailed Boa

When a Red-Tailed Boa is first born, it weights between 14 to 22 ounces and can easily fit in your hand — if that’s your thing. Within a year, though, you can say goodbye to holding that snake easily in your hand! At this point, the Red-Tailed Boa is up to eight feet long. Once it […]

Animal Corner — Siberian Tigers

They may not be known as “the king of the jungle,” but Siberian tigers can claim to be the largest cat species in the wild! An adult male can grow to be as much as 700 pounds, with tails up to three feet long. They are also known as Amur tigers, and they can be […]

Animal Corner – The Buffalo

Buffalo used to be very plentiful in American.  Great herds roamed freely across the Great Plains and played a critical role in the lives of indigenous people. Currently, they are few in number but still considered a majestic animal that’s symbolic of the West. Buffalo  can tip the scales at over 2,000 pounds and stand […]