Animal Corner – The Buffalo

Buffalo used to be very plentiful in American.  Great herds roamed freely across the Great Plains and played a critical role in the lives of indigenous people. Currently, they are few in number but still considered a majestic animal that’s symbolic of the West.

Buffalo  can tip the scales at over 2,000 pounds and stand over 6 feet at their shoulders.  They spend most of their time grazing on grasses and other greenery.  Their heavy, shaggy coats act to protect them against harsh winds and snow. They also have long sharp horns that can be up to two feet long!

These days most buffalo live on preserves and ranches. You, however, can see them in person at the park in our drive-thru section. When you feed them, watch out for their large, long tongues, especially if you are trying to pose for a selfie!