Animal Corner — Dromedary Camels

Dromeday camels  have only one hump. They can be found in North Africa and Western Asia. They are much more common than Bactrian camels, those with two humps. Both types are primarily found in hot climates like deserts, although some are located in colder climates. They are herbivores, so their diet mainly consists of grass, seeds, grains, oats, and leaves.

Despite what you may have heard, camels do not store water in their humps. Their humps are filled with fat. Keeping their fat here rather than all throughout their body helps them stay cool in hot areas. Storing fat preserves energy, helping them go for long periods without water in their desert climates.

To see a camel in person, you do not have to travel very far. We have some right here at the park. Take the guided tour bus, and not only can you feed the camels, but you can pet them too! We also recommend taking selfies with them, just because of how cute they are!