Wild Animal Weekend: Llamas

Staying in this weekend? Be sure to check out our video about our llamas! Our llamas are named Mama Llama and Tootsie. They live in the drive-thru section of our park, and they are among the friendliest animals here. They mostly keep to themselves, but Mama Llama and Tootsie do get along so well with the other animals when they choose to mingle. The rumors are true, though – they do spit, so keep that in mind when you choose to come and see them in person!

One question we hear often is how to tell the difference between llamas and alpacas. We make it easy for you at the park because the alpacas live in the walkabout section away from the llamas! In general, however, alpacas have smaller bodies and ears. Llamas are bigger animals, and their ears are shaped like big bananas. If you want to learn a bit more about the differences between these animals, then be sure to read all about the six major contrasts between them!

Now when you drive past a farm and see animals that look like these species, you will be able to tell people exactly which animals you see just by looking!