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Animal Corner — Emus

Although the emu in the pic is just a baby, it will not be that small for long! When it comes to size, emus come in second to ostriches for the title of "Largest Bird in the World." Adult emus reach heights between five and six feet tall, and weigh between 90 and 130 pounds. This makes them the largest birds in their native Australia. Even though they come in…

Animal Corner — California Kingsnakes

You have heard of California king beds -- now meet California Kingsnakes! These are nonvenomous found along the northern part of Mexico and western United States. They live in a large variety of places: forests, grasslands, marshes, farmlands, deserts, and even suburban neighborhoods, just to name a few. California Kingsnakes mostly live on the ground, but they have been known to climb shrubs and low tree branches. They earned their…

Here Are the Servals

In our latest animal video, Keeper Jasmine introduces us to the Servals! They are big cats from Africa with the longest legs of any cat species. However, as you'll see when Keeper Jasmine pets them, these big cats love being petted and they soak up attention just as any typical house cat would.