Happy Halloween!

black widow, halloweenSince October is Halloween month, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the scarier animals in the world!

The female black widow is famous for the trademark red hourglass marking on her abdomen. Once an insect is trapped in her web, she bites it quickly with her venom-filled fangs. This venom is filled with digestive enzymes, liquefying her insect corpse’s body. As deadly as she is, the female black widow is not aggressive towards humans unless she feels threatened.

The rattlesnake, meanwhile, is well-known for its warning rattle when it’s prepared to strike. It can grow up to eight feet in length, making it the largest venomous snake in the US. The rattlesnake comes with two heat-detecting pits under its nostrils, allowing it to hunt prey even in darkness. Its forked tongue acts as a navigational device, and its hinged-mouth can open 180 degrees — allowing it to swallow prey whole. The rattlesnake comes in many different patterns and colors, but each type shares its signature, rattling tail!

The poison dart frog is brightly colored and looks harmless, its skin contains enough poison to kill an army of up to 20,000 mice. In fact, it only takes the amount of poison that would fit onto the end of a ballpoint pen to stop a large animal’s heart. As MC Hammer would say, you can’t touch this frog!