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Animal Corner – Monkey Training

Did you know that the capuchin monkey is among the most intelligent primate species? Because of this, we know how important it is to make sure every monkey at the park receives plenty of physical and mental exercise. In the Wild Animal Weekend video above, you can see us providing enrichment to our capuchin, Winston. […]

Animal Corner – Eli the Emu

Meet Eli, the park’s beloved emu . He has been with the park for about eight years now. This bird is the number two largest bird in the world, second only to the ostrich. The species reaches about six feet in height, and hails from Australia. While the emu is a flightless bird, what it […]

Animal Corner – Tumbleweed the Baby Giraffe

Meet our new baby giraffe, Tumbleweed! As you can tell, he is already pretty tall. When fully grown, he will be between 18-20 feet tall. Eventually, he will eat vegetation. For now, he’s loving his bottle! Come see Tumbleweed now in the walkabout section. You’ll be able to pet him and get some incredible giraffe […]

Animal Corner — Lions

After tigers, lions are the second largest cat species in the entire world. They usually live in eastern and southern Africa. They can run up to 50 miles per hour. When they roar, people from as much as five miles away can hear the sound! When they’re not busy running 50 miles per hours, lions […]

Thanksgiving at the Park

You may not believe it, but Thanksgiving is less than a week away. One question we get often this time of year, and which you are likely wondering yourself, is if we are open on Thanksgiving Day. The answer is…DEFINITELY! Wild Animal Safari is open every Thanksgiving from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. Right after you […]

November Is Military Appreciation Month

November is almost here, which means it is nearly Military Appreciation Month at the park! Starting November 1st, all military personnel and their relatives can get their tickets for only $14.95 each. This offer is only good for tickets purchased at the park on the day of your visit, so don’t forget your ID. It […]

Field Trip Time!

The school season is here, and now is the time for a great field trip! We would love to have your class at Wild Animal Safari for your next field trip. School field trips of 20 people or more qualify for group rates. Please book at least two weeks in advance to make sure you get everything […]

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Can’t get enough of seeing pictures of our incredible animals? Don’t forget to follow the official Wild Animal Safari Instagram!  Our followers are the first to see exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of our animals. The park’s animal keepers get so close to animals like our lions, it’ll be like you are standing right next […]