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Four Easy Ways To Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Break

Holiday breaks are a great time to unwind and enjoy some home time, but keeping kids entertained during the down time can be a real challenge. If you’re like many parents, you’re always on the lookout for some fun, educational and engaging ways for your kids to pass the time. The following animal-themed activities can […]

The Amazing Arctic Wolf

When the weather turns cold, we turn up the heat and get cozy around the fire. In fact, most people will do just about anything to escape the chill of winter, but some animals spend their entire lives in areas where the ground is permanently frozen. The Arctic Wolf, sometimes called a polar or white […]

Have You Seen A Spider Monkey?

The very name “spider monkey” conjures up some interesting visuals, but these New World primates are far less unusual than the name suggests. These social animals received the interesting name because they hang upside down to sleep and look a bit spider-like with their arms and legs dangling!  Here are some other interesting facts you […]

Four ways to have an adventure at Wild Animal Safari

Are you looking for a fun family adventure that doesn’t require air travel? A day trip to Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain is the perfect family outing, with something for everyone to enjoy. There are many ways to take in the sites, from sitting back and letting someone else do the driving, to wandering […]

Things you probably don’t know about Peacocks

One of the most recognizable birds in the winged-world is the peacock. They’re colorful, sport an extravagant display of feathers, and are pretty hard to ignore when you see one in person!   But while you definitely know a peacock when you see it, there is actually a lot more to these beautiful birds than […]

Help Keep Our Animals Safe!

Abuse of animals at our Parks by guests will not be tolerated. Please report any observed questionable behavior to Park employees immediately. Help us keep our Parks safe for our animal ambassadors. Thank you so much!

Saturday June 27th Update

We are at maximum capacity. The entrance gate is currently closed. Online tickets do not expire until one year from the purchase date. Reminder: The best time to visit is Monday through Thursday.

An Urgent Message from Wild Animal Safari Regarding Visiting This Summer

Due to recent local coronavirus flare-ups at local nursing homes and jail facilities, we at Wild Animal Safari recommend postponing your visit to our park until late July. If you do decide to visit us, then please consider visiting Monday through Thursday to avoid longer lines and larger crowds as weekends have experienced exceptional visitation. […]

New Safety Guidelines

For the 2020 season, we want to announce several safety guidelines we have put in place to help ensure that everyone who comes to our park has a healthy, happy, and safe time. They are as follows: 1. Online Ticket Sales: While we will still sell tickets at our front office, you can purchase them […]

Memorial Day Weekend

Who’s ready for Memorial Day Weekend? If you and your family are eager to get out for something fun to do, then come to Wild Animal Safari! At the park, you can expect to see a huge variety of animals, such as giraffes, tigers, zebras, and ostriches. If you have ever wanted a picture with […]