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Animal Corner — Baby Pygmy Goat

Meet Luna, our baby pygmy goat! She is just a few months old, and you can pet her in our walkabout. When you visit her in these early months of her life, you can also see the beginning of her horns. Both male and female goats grow horns, and we can’t wait to see how […]

Season Passes Now Available

You asked for them, and we answered. Wild Animal Safari now offers season passes! They are good for people of all ages, and they are $50 each. Season passes are good for a year from the date of purchase. Even better, there are no limits at all on how often you can visit the park […]

Animal Corner — Baby Giraffe

This is our new baby giraffe, Bakari! He is less than six months old, and right now he eats alfalfa hay, lettuce, and sweet potatoes. When fully grown, Bakari can be up to 19 feet tall and weigh around 2,800 pounds. That is enough to make giraffes the world’s tallest mammal! In the wild, a […]

Animal Corner — Rare White Bison

Meet Avalanche and Blizzard, the park’s North American white bison. Native American tribes consider white bison sacred. This sacredness is due in part to their coat. They get their white coat from a leucistic that causes a loss of color or pigmentation. This trait only occurs in one out of ten million births. That makes […]

Animal Corner–Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are more than just the inspiration for one of the most popular video-game characters of all time. Despite their name, they are not actually pigs. They get their name from the sound they make when they move through hedges looking for food. As for their diet, hedgehogs are carnivores. Since they only grow up […]

Animal Corner — Lions

After tigers, lions are the second largest cat species in the entire world. Typically, they live in eastern and southern Africa. They can run up to 50 miles per hour. When they roar, you can even hear the sound from as much as five miles away. Lions live in groups called prides. While they are […]

Subscribe to Our New YouTube Channel

The park now has its own YouTube channel! Subscribe to our channel here, and be among the first to see our latest videos. In the meantime, go through some of our terrific older videos. Some of our favorites are Slow Motion Lion Snarl, Rio the Dancing Greenwing Macaw, and Water Buffalo Feeding. Which one is […]

Animal Corner — Reindeer

Christmas is just days away, so we figured it would be fun and festive to learn more about one of the most famous animals of the holiday season — reindeer. They might not have Rudolph noses or pull any sleighs for Santa Claus (that we know of for sure!), but they are still quite enthralling […]

Animal Corner – The Axis Deer

The Chital, also known as the Axis deer,  are indigenous to regions in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. This deer species is most prevalent in Indian forests, where they feed on tall grasses, branches, shrubs and even fruit that has fallen thanks to monkeys in the trees. Male Axis can weigh up to 165 […]

Animal Corner – Sulcata Tortoise

The Sulcata Tortoise is indigenous to areas in northern Africa, which is why it is also sometimes called African Spurred Tortoises. These are the third-largest species of tortoise in the world, able to grow up to 200 pounds! This is pretty amazing considering they start out life as hatchlings that are just about three inches […]