Animal Corner — Why Do Animals Shed Fur?

Wild Animal Safari, wild animals, drive thru, fur, sheddingAnimals shed their fur. We see it happen often, but have you ever wondered why animals shed? An animal’s fur coat is dependent upon the seasons. When seasons change, so do an animal’s hormones. These hormonal changes trigger shedding. When the weather grows colder, the hormonal changes causes the fur coat to grow thicker. This helps keep the animal warm during the frigid winter months. When the weather turns warmer and hotter during the spring and summer, like it is doing now, the fur starts to fall from the animal’s skin. This thin coat helps the animal adapt to the higher temperatures.

You can see the fur shedding in this picture featuring one of our park’s animals. Around its neck, you can see a thin coat. Along the rest of the body, you can see patches of heavier fur. This is fur that simply hasn’t been completely shed yet. Soon, this heavy fur will be gone and the animal will have a thin coat of fur that is perfect for these hot months! In a few months when fall and winter roll back around, the fur will return!