Animal Corner–Spotted Hyena

Here is a spotted hyena! These animals live in the African grasslands. They are omnivores, feasting on all sorts of plants and wildlife. They can even take down much bigger animals than themselves, like wildebeest! These animals grow up to five feet long, and they can run at speed up to 35 miles per hour.

Spotted hyenas live in groups called clans. These clans contain up to eighty hyenas. Female hyenas lead the clans, and as the leaders they often get first choice in activities like mud baths.

Spotted hyenas are famous for their laughing. In the wild, they tend to laugh not because they find something funny, but because they feel / are about to be attacked, or they are aggravated. When you visit the park, you can observe a spotted hyena from a safe distance and listen to their laugh without fear! Have you heard a spotted hyena laugh yet?