Animal Corner – Scarlet Macaw

There are 17 types of macaws, and the scarlet macaw is among the most recognizable. This is because of their gorgeous colors. Though they are called scarlet macaws, they also have yellow, blue, and green feathers. The scarlet feathers just happen to be the most prominent. 

Scarlet macaws live among rainforests and other forests throughout Mexico, South, and Central America. They are quite fast birds, flying at speeds up to 35 mph. Their diet is insects, seeds, fruits, and hard nuts. They eat nuts by cracking them with their sturdy beaks. Although they can speak a little, these macaws are more known for their variety of screams.

These birds often have long, full lives. Whether in captivity or in the wild, they can live between 40-50 years. Come on out and see this macaw right here at Wild Animal Safari!