Animal Corner – Llamas

Take a look at our llamas, Mama Llama and Tootsie Roll! These gorgeous creatures have naturally long fur, so in the video above they are sheared for the summer. They are sheared about twice a year so they can stay cool during the hot Georgia summer months.

Besides their fur, llamas are also famous for their spitting. The spit acts as their defense mechanism. When a llama feels threatened for whatever reason, it will spit at you – even if it has food in its mouth!

One animal llamas like our Mama Llama and Tootsie Roll often get confused with is the alpaca. While they do share many similarities and are related, llamas get much bigger than alpacas. An alpaca often weighs around 150 pound, but a llama typically grows to about 400 pounds!

Ready to come visit Mama Llama and Tootsie Roll? They are in the drive-thru, so come on by and see them. Just remember – watch out for that spit!