Animal Corner–Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are more than just the inspiration for one of the most popular video-game characters of all time. Despite their name, they are not actually pigs. They get their name from the sound they make when they move through hedges looking for food.

As for their diet, hedgehogs are carnivores. Since they only grow up to about 30 centimeters, they eat smaller animals like lizards, eggs, snails, and small snakes. In the wild, they live among hedges, grasses, and meadows.

Being small animals, you may be wondering how hedgehogs protect themselves against predators. Their prickly spines do the trick! While their prickly spines are not as sharp as a porcupine’s quills, they are quite effective. All hedgehogs have to do is curl up into a ball to protect themselves. They are also immune to some poisonous plants. They chew them and spread the saliva around their bodies, giving them an extra bit of protection against predators.

There are seventeen hedgehog species worldwide. African Pygmy Hedgehogs are the most common, and this species is the one you can find right here at Wild Animal Safari. With spring break going on, why not come by and get some great pictures of our cute little hedgehog?