Animal Corner — Emus

Although the emu in the pic is just a baby, it will not be that small for long! When it comes to size, emus come in second to ostriches for the title of “Largest Bird in the World.” Adult emus reach heights between five and six feet tall, and weigh between 90 and 130 pounds. This makes them the largest birds in their native Australia. Even though they come in second worldwide, they are definitely not slouches in the slightest!

Like ostriches, emus are flightless birds. They mainly feast on flowers, insects, berries, and grains. They require large amounts of water daily, drinking anywhere from two to four gallons. One very interesting fact about emus is how male and female emus do not share the same vocalizations. Males grunt pig-like, whereas females make a booming, bongo drum-esque noise.

Our emus are popular fixtures in our drive-thru. In fact, they often hang around the front gate, making them some of the first animals visitors see once they enter the drive-thru! Have you had any memorable experiences with our emus? Maybe you have heard them make their unique sounds? If so, then please share your stories in the comments below — we look forward to reading them!