Bakari the Giraffe

Animal Corner — Baby Giraffe

This is our new baby giraffe, Bakari! He is less than six months old, and right now he eats alfalfa hay, lettuce, and sweet potatoes. When fully grown, Bakari can be up to 19 feet tall and weigh around 2,800 pounds. That is enough to make giraffes the world’s tallest mammal!

In the wild, a reticulated giraffe like Bakari can go many days without drinking water. Since they are herbivores and eat mostly plants, they get most of their water from their food. In just a week, a giraffe can eat several hundred pounds of leaves. This provides it with most of the water and nutrients it needs!

Want to see Bakari the baby giraffe before he gets any bigger? Right now you can come visit him in the park’s walkabout. Since the park is open all of Memorial Day Weekend, why not come visit Bakari and our hundreds of other animals for your day off? Your family will have a blast!