It’s Almost Halloween!

brown recluse, halloweenHalloween is next week! To celebrate, we wanted to spotlight some of the spookier animals in the animal kingdom.

The brown recluse is one spider you do not want to cross! While this spider is mostly reclusive and seldom aggressive, it will bite if it feels threatened in any way. The brown recluse’s bite is so venomous that it can lead to necrosis, which kills your skin tissue. You can spot a brown recluse by its violin-shaped head, so be on the lookout when you are outdoors!

The mosquito may be a tiny insect, but it is quite deadly. In some areas in the world, this bug spreads diseases like Dengue fever, malaria, and the West Nile Virus — all with a single bite. In fact, the mosquito is responsible for almost three million deaths each year. Since they’re bloodsuckers, you can almost think of them as little vampire bugs!

The vampire bat feeds on, surprise surprise, blood. Although this bat species is only the size of a thumb, it feasts on some pretty big prey: horses, cattle, even humans! The vampire bat detects flowing blood using heat sensors in its nose. It bites through skin with knife-life teeth and drinks up what oozes out. As you can guess from the name — the vampire bat only come out at night!