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Miniature Horse

Depending on their breed, miniature horses only grow 34-38 inches tall when measured at the end of their mane. They come in a variety of patterns and colors. While they are often confused with miniature ponies, miniature horses are considered a separate species because they share many characteristics with horses.

American Paint Horse

American Paint Horses are spotted horses. Their bodies are white combined with spots that are typically the following colors: bay, brown, black and chestnut. They share ancestry with Thoroughbreds and American Quarter Horses. American Paint Horses used to be considered a color breed, but now they are recognized as a distinctive horse breed.

Grivet Monkey

A Grivet Monkeys is an Old World Monkey, and is also known as the African Green Monkey. It has white hair tufts along the sides of its face. Typically, a Grivet Monkey is up to 19 inches long, with a tail that ranges from 12-20 inches long. It is an omnivore, feasting on small mammals, birds, fruits and vegetables.

White’s Tree Frog

The White's Tree Frog comes from Australia and New Guinea. It can come in many different colors: green, blue and even gray. While many Tree Frogs have vertical pupils, the White's Tree Frog has horizontal pupils. It can grow up to 4.5 inches long, and the females are just a bit bigger than the males.

Pixie Frog

Pixie Frogs are native to Africa. They are also known as African Bull Frogs. During the wet seasons, they live in puddles in open grasslands. When it's dry, they burrow underground. Pixie Frogs can weigh just under 4.5 pounds and measure around 9.5 inches long, making them the largest frogs in South Africa.

Blue Poison Dart Frog

Blue Poison Dart Frogs are located in forests near the Sipaliwini savannas in South America. They weigh around eight grams and grow up to 4.5 centimeters. Their blue skin acts as a warning to potential predators. Their skin contains poisonous glands that paralyze and even kill the creatures who harm them. Blue Poison Dart Frogs live between five to seven years.