Animal Corner — Timber Wolf

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Photo Credit: publicenergy

When some of you hear the name “Timber Wolf,” you may think of a popular roller coaster at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. As much fun as that ride may be, how much do you know about Timber Wolves the actual animals? Today, we’re focusing on these amazing wolves, so by the end of this blog you should know plenty about them!

The Timber Wolf is a subspecies of the Gray Wolf. They can range in sizes from 26 inches to 32 inches. Their habitat consists of mountains, plains and forests. A Timber Wolf can come in one of three colors: gray, white and black. As you might have guessed, Timber Wolves are carnivores, feasting mostly on deer, elk, rabbits and beavers. We invite you to bring your family to come see our Timber Wolves in their enclosure at the park. Then, the next time you ride the Timber Wolf roller coaster, you can tell people you’ve seen real Timber Wolves in person!