Animal Corner – The Short-Eared Owl

Photo Credit: Tupulak
Photo Credit: Tupulak

A name can say a lot, especially if you’re a Short-Eared Owl. As you might have guessed, this owl is known for their extremely short ears. Their ears are so short that you can’t really see them among all their feathers. They still have excellent hearing and are great communicators. They hoot, bark and make hissing or squeaking sounds.

These owls grow up to 15 inches tall and tend to be mottled brown or tawny. They have large heads and short necks and powerful hooked bills. They live in open areas, like grasslands, where they will actually rest on the ground.

The Short-Eared Owl will feed on insects,  rats, rabbits and various other small mammals. They hunt mostly at night but will also hunt in the day when their prey is plentiful. They’ll fly just above the ground while they look for food, which is quite a site to see if you’re lucky enough to witness it!