Animal Corner — The Monarch Butterfly

monarch butterfly, happy new year, transformation, changeHappy new year from Wild Animal Safari! The new year represents change and a chance for growth for many of us, so what better animal to discuss this month than the Monarch butterfly?

A caterpillar takes nine to fourteen days to metamorphose into a Monarch butterfly. It feasts on nectar from flowers, and it can fly at speeds up to twelve miles per hour. You can tell a male Monarch butterfly apart from the female by checking the hind wings. If you see black scent glands, then you see a male.

Legend has it that when you see a Monarch butterfly, you are supposed to examine your personality and your life. In particular, you must focus on the parts of yourself and your life that need to change or transform for the better. Since a caterpillar undergoes a metamorphosis to become the beautiful Monarch butterfly, then you too must undergo a metamorphosis to achieve your best possible self! That is definitely great advice to keep in mind all throughout 2017 and beyond!