Animal Corner — Our Tegu Lizard on Ozarks Live!

tegu lizard, reptile house, ozarks live, springfield mo
“Hey there, good lookin’!”

Did you know we have a Reptile House at Wild Animal Safari? It is located right outside the walkabout and is close to our picnic area. In the Reptile House, we keep animals like a Ball Python, a Crocodile Gecko, and this Tegu Lizard featured on Ozarks Live. ┬áThe Reptile House is a great place to learn about and view animals you cannot see in our walkabout or drive-thru. It is also a terrific way to get a close and safe look at animals that might scare you a little in real life, like snakes. We encourage all of you to visit it the next time you are at the park. In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed the video, and we hope to see all of you soon! Maybe for Labor Day Weekend — hint hint?