Animal Corner — Olive Baboons

olive baboonOf all the baboon species, olive baboons are among the largest. They can grow as tall as 23 inches, and they can weigh over 80 pounds. Male olive baboons are larger because their mane can get so thick and bushy. The males also have much larger and sharper teeth than the females do. Because of these sharp teeth, they are omnivores, feasting on fruits, leaves, and small animals.

Olive baboons live in forests or savannahs in groups called troops. Troops tend to contain up to 50 olive baboons, and the size is determined by the environment and the amount of food available in their surroundings. During the day, these troops are on the ground, but they sleep in trees at night for protection.

At the park, you can come to the walkabout and feed an olive baboon yourself! Have you visited and fed an olive baboon here yet?