Animal Corner — Blanding’s Turtle

endangered animals, blanding's turtleThis week, we would like to spotlight an endangered species here in Missouri — the Blanding’s Turtle. These animals are located in the northeastern corner of the state. Their shell can grow up to seven inches long, and with a high dome. The upper shell can be a yellow-spotted black or brown, with a yellow-brown lower shell. The Blanding’s Turtle spends most of its time either in or along the water, and it feasts on aquatic plants and animals — crayfish, frogs, fish, snails.

Unfortunately, the Blanding’s Turtle is endangered in the few areas it lives in Missouri. While predators who stalk their nests are a big problem, the main issue endangering them is their reduced and fragmented habitats. Thanks to more roads being built near their homes, many Blanding’s Turtles die on roads. Do your part to help these animals by doing your best not to run over any turtles you see on the road!